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5 Creepy and Cute Offerings from Manga Planet

Halloween may have passed, but horror will always be in season! Today we’ll be showing you five creepy Manga Planet titles, combining cute and elegant artwork with shocking topics!
Whether you’re a fan of kawaii art or prefer a more serious story, there’s something for everyone!

*Warning: Some series include mentions of suicide, death, self-harm, and mental health illness. Please read with caution. Content warnings can be found in each review.


Girls’ Love of the Dead

Story: Hoshii Nanaoku
Art: Morishima Akiko

After her friend and unrequited love die suddenly, Mitsuki decides to follow Rin into the afterlife. However, after journeying to the old school building, she is shocked to discover that she isn’t alone – The building is full of ghosts! Not only that, an amnesiac Rin is there too! However, will Mitsuki be able to bring back her crush’s memories and fulfill her regrets, or will words be left unsaid?

This zombie GL follows the ghoulish story of Mitsuki and Rin, who find themselves on different sides of mortality. The novel combines horror with romance, along with a selection of beautifully colored artwork to enjoy as you read. With some tough themes regarding death and regrets, it’s a story you won’t forget!

Warning: Suicidal ideation and frequent mention of death.




Story & Art: bomi

The all-powerful demon lord has been summoned to the mortal realm! Unfortunately for her, the summoning was botched, and she found herself with limited powers and a super tiny (and adorable) vessel! But this is no trouble for the incredible Demon Lord since she can just have mortals like Yamada do her bidding for her – Whether they want to or not!

This fun four-panel manga is fully colored and follows the adventures of Yamada and Anko as they learn to live with their new Demon Lord neighbor and roommate. With a lineup of demons, chuunibyou, and even a cute cat-maid, MAOMAO! is a great option for those looking for some comedic supernatural shenanigans.


Fade Away Bunny

Story & Art : Kawana Shiori

Suu-tan is a super cute and fluffy little rabbit! With her cute black ribbons and gothic lolita-esque design, surely her thoughts will be just as sweet as her appearance, right? Unfortunately for the bunny, her inner monologue is the complete opposite of what you’d expect. Join Suu-tan as she contemplates all kinds of depressing and gloomy thoughts in her usual casual manner.

This cute-looking Yami Kawaii four-panel manga touches on various dark topics, even turning “Doom” and “Gloom” into characters who are determined to harass poor Suu-tan. However, to those who have experienced such feelings, it might be comforting to see those dark thoughts conveyed through such a cute-looking bun.
Warning: Suicidal ideation, self-harm, and drug overdose


Miyako’s Night Tales

Story & Art: Sudo Yumi

After spotting his abusive ex-boss, Keiichi dips into a horror-themed bar and runs into the beautiful Miyako, a kimono-wearing horror fan. After telling her about his ability to see ghosts and how he suffered at his previous job, the gentlewoman looks after him… Only to vanish, seemingly headed for Kyoto. Discover all kinds of horror stories as Keiichi learns more about the mysterious Miyako.

This unique manga combines an ongoing plot with a selection of short horror stories, making it great for binge reading and reading by chapter. Learn more about the mysterious Miyako, Keiichi’s strange spiritual abilities, and the bar regulars in Miyako’s Night Tales.



Please Help Me Maohsama

Story & Art: Minaduki Futago

After heroes defeated the terrifying demon king, the world returned to normal, with only traces of the demon king’s powers lingering throughout the city’s outskirts. While passing through the outskirts, one of the heroes finds himself taking care of a tiny demon child that has grown attached to him… Or perhaps she just likes the scent of the demon lord’s blood on his clothes. Either way, will this unlikely pair learn to live peacefully together?

Please Help Me Maohsama is a four-panel manga that combines slice-of-life with the hero genre. With a strong protagonist, a cute priestess, and a somewhat suspicious tiny demon child, there’s never a dull moment to be had!


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